Saturday, May 12, 2007

May 11th 2007, Talent Search, CTY-JHU

Today, my daughter was to receive an achievement award for getting good scores in the Talent Search test conducted by John Hopkins University. This test has Quantitative and Verbal tests and she did well enought to be recognized.
The Ceremony was held at Santa Clara University, CA and across the country in various places for the neighborhood kids. We were pleasantly surprised to see lot of children with their proud parents. There were 185 with a few of them with an achievement of first and second place at the State level, and even fewer of them achieving the national level distinction. We are really proud of all of the children, and was very thankful for the parents who really take time to motivate their kids to prepare for their future.
If you were ever wondering, how to register your kids for this test next year go to

Smart kids are the backbones of our country's future, lets try to keep their focus at the right goals.

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Shyam said...

very interesting that you follow blogs on corruption free india/indian 2020 and yet make passionate statements such as the last sentence in your blog about the future of some other nation... paradox? or hypocrisy? or lost identity?