Sunday, August 26, 2007

New School Year...Lets set some goals

I hope all of you had the fun and excitement of taking your kids to the school after the summer vacation. Some of them could be even more excited as they enter new School this year. I am wishing all of them a best year forward.

We all should take a moment in a weekend, think through, whether what the school teaches to our kids is enough? My thoughts, on Math and Science certainly not. I strongly believe children, most of them, have more potential then what we all believe they can handle. For any extra time that we ask them to study other than what their teachers tell them, first reaction will be definitely a whine. Lets not cave in there, I want all of you to realise, that they need a push to realise their potential. Aren't we as professionals, always being asked to deliver more than what we all can do? When as adults, we are all ready to push the envelope, to try and do, things that way beyond our potential, I am sure, kids have much more potential, than what they are being asked for.

I think that is enough to motivate you all to dedicate some more time to think, formalize a strategy on how do we ask our children to study more math and science. Want one good site? This site has lots of links to help your kids to study more.

So take some time, devise a plan, and give the kids enough incentives, to let them gain enthusiasm to do what we want them to do. There are more attractive evil in(de)centives are out there like TV, internet etc to lure their attention, we have to compete against such forces, lets be prepared.

Final words, kids have much more potential than what we all let them realise, they need that push, lets push them.

Good Luck to you all, lets review at the end of the year, what is that little extra that they have learnt, because of our efforts and planning.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

May 11th 2007, Talent Search, CTY-JHU

Today, my daughter was to receive an achievement award for getting good scores in the Talent Search test conducted by John Hopkins University. This test has Quantitative and Verbal tests and she did well enought to be recognized.
The Ceremony was held at Santa Clara University, CA and across the country in various places for the neighborhood kids. We were pleasantly surprised to see lot of children with their proud parents. There were 185 with a few of them with an achievement of first and second place at the State level, and even fewer of them achieving the national level distinction. We are really proud of all of the children, and was very thankful for the parents who really take time to motivate their kids to prepare for their future.
If you were ever wondering, how to register your kids for this test next year go to

Smart kids are the backbones of our country's future, lets try to keep their focus at the right goals.

How do we motivate kids

All of us keep telling our children to do something, that we want, like be ready early, are you done with your home work, practice etc.
A good practice would instead of telling them what to do or not to do, lets find something that they would like out of each of those activities and ask them whether they want, and let them figure out how to achieve that.

This is like, dangling the bait to the fish, for every action we want out of them, pause for a moment, think what would be their mind thinking, and what could be their desired result out of such action, and ask them if they want that. Then it would be easy to guide them to our desired action.

This would infact, develop a positive atmosphere at home, and they would start thinking along the same lines for everyone of their life's challenges.

Lets grow children in a positive atmosphere.

Have fun and enjoy grooming kids.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Have some facts on College Savings?

I have created this blog spot to anyone who wants share their experiences to
1. save for college
2. how do we guide our children to choose areas to concentrate for good school

Feel free to add your thoughts. I will start my thoughts soon.