Saturday, May 12, 2007

How do we motivate kids

All of us keep telling our children to do something, that we want, like be ready early, are you done with your home work, practice etc.
A good practice would instead of telling them what to do or not to do, lets find something that they would like out of each of those activities and ask them whether they want, and let them figure out how to achieve that.

This is like, dangling the bait to the fish, for every action we want out of them, pause for a moment, think what would be their mind thinking, and what could be their desired result out of such action, and ask them if they want that. Then it would be easy to guide them to our desired action.

This would infact, develop a positive atmosphere at home, and they would start thinking along the same lines for everyone of their life's challenges.

Lets grow children in a positive atmosphere.

Have fun and enjoy grooming kids.

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